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Con & Annie Kirby GAA Club Nominators

Greyhound & Clubs Trap Draw 2023

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Each of the competing clubs will be assigned a greyhound in the competition. Clubs must attend each week that their greyound is running and register on arrival. 

All Clubs have been issued with information packs and a number of complimentary admission tickets for each round - please contact your club directly for more information.

2024 Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Final Trap Draw

Trap 1  ROMEO KINGPIN Killeedy GAA
Trap 2  SCOOBY PACEMAKER Patrickswell Camogie
Trap 3  MERITS INCLUSION Cappamore Camogie
Trap 4  EPIC CHICK Gerald Griffins GAA
Trap 6   KNOCKEEN DAZZLER Mount Collins GAA 

2024 Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Semi-Finals Trap Draw 

1st Semi-Final

1 Romeo Kingpin              Killeedy GAA
2 Ballymac Patriot            Mungret St. Pauls Ladies Football
3 In Good Time                  St. Patrick‚Äôs GAA
4 Barefoot On Fire             Oola GAA
5 Epic Chick                     Gerald Griffins GAA
6 Knockeen Dazzler         Mountcollins GAA

2nd Semi-Final

1 Scooby Pacemaker        Patrickswell Camogie
2 Merits Inclusion           Cappamore Camogie
3 Feshtys Mo                    St. Kierans GAA
4 Radical Harry               Dromin Athlacca GAA
5 Faypoint Sean              Croagh Kilfinny GAA
6 Phoenix Tyson (m)       Ahane GAA

2024 Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Quarter-Finals Trap Draw 

Heat 1


Serene Rex   

Fr. Caseys GAA

Stonepark King

Ballylanders GAA

Romeo Kingpin

Killeedy GAA

Radical Harry

Dromin Athlacca GAA

Scooby Pacemaker

Patrickswell Camogie

Ballinabola Jim (W)

Cappagh Handball


Heat 2


Ower Cracker

Granagh Ballingarry GAA

Da Bold Falcon

Na Piarsaigh GAA

Feshtys Mo

St. Kierans GAA

Ocean Tesla

Patrickswell GAA

Ballymac Patriot

Mungret St. Pauls Ladies Football

Knockeen Dazzler (W)

Mount Collins GAA


Heat 3


Merits Inclusion

Cappamore Camogie

Barefoot On Fire

Oola GAA

Coolavanny Poppy

Feohnagh Castlemahon GAA

Tally Ho Storm

Knockainey GAA

Fantasy Alex

Camogue Rovers GAA

Epic Chick (M)

Gerald Griffins GAA


Heat 4


In Good Time

St. Patricks GAA

Ballymac Dapper

Galbally Handball

Droopys Metaphor

Mungret St. Pauls GAA

Prince Naseem

Crecora GAA

Pheonix Tyson (M)

Ahane GAA

Faypoint Sean (M)

Croagh Kilfinney GAA


2024 Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Round 2 Trap Draw 


Trap 1   PRINCE NASEEM                                            Crecora GAA
Trap 2   CARNEYS GOLDMINE                                  Adare GAA
Trap 3   ROMEO CROSSFIRE                                      Cappamore GAA
Trap 4   FANTASY ALEX                                                 Camogue Rovers GAA
Trap 5   RUSHY MEADOWS                                        Askeaton Kilcornan Desmonds
Trap 6   KNOCKEEN DAZZLER (W)                          Mountcollins GAA


Trap 1   TARSNA MAASAI                                             Ballyagran Camogie
Trap 2   RADICAL HARRY                                             Dromin Athlacca
Trap 3   BALLYMAC DANICA                                       Ballysteen GAA
Trap 4   CARRICK KEANO                                            Ahane Camogie Club
Trap 5   IN GOOD TIME                                                 St. Patricks GAA
Trap 6   BALLINABOLA JIM (W)                                 Cappagh Handball

ROUND 2 HEAT 3           

Trap 1   ROMEO KINGPIN                                           Killeedy GAA
Trap 2   COOLAVANNY POPPY                                 Feohanagh Castlemahon GAA
Trap 3   MERITS INCLUSION                                      Cappamore Camogie
Trap 4   HANOVER SKY                                                 Kilteely Dromkeen GAA
Trap 5   BALLINABOLA BILL                                        Monagea GAA
Trap 6   NOIRS BEN                                                        Murroe Boher GAA 


Trap 1   SCOOBY PACEMAKER                                 Patrickswell Camogie
Trap 2   DROOPYS METAPHOR                                 Mungret St. Pauls GAA
Trap 3   ROMEO JACKSON                                          Garryspillane GAA
Trap 4   MAY BOZADA                                                    Knockane GAA
Trap 5   BALLYDOYLE BABY                                        Staker Wallace GAA
Trap 6   EPIC CHICK (M)                                               Gerald Griffins GAA


Trap 1   FASHION MODEL                                       Granagh Ballingarry Camogie Club
Trap 2   TALLY HO STORM                                           Knockainey GAA
Trap 3   SERENE HIGHWAY                                        Knockaderry GAA
Trap 4   DA BOLD FALCON                                          Na Piarsaigh GAA
Trap 5   ROMEO STEEL                                                  Banogue GAA
Trap 6   FAYPOINT SEAN (M)                                      Croagh Kilfinny GAA


Trap 1   FESHTYS MO                                                    St. Kierans GAA                        Trap 2   BALLYMAC PATRIOT                                 Mungret St. Pauls Ladies Football
Trap 3   KILCOLGAN WITNEY                                     Ballybrown GAA
Trap 4   ROMEO FALCO                                                Bruff GAA
Trap 5   OWER CRACKER                                            Granagh Ballingarry GAA
Trap 6   GLITZY MAGIC (M)                                          Effin GAA


Trap 1   QUARRY BOY                                                    Doon GAA
Trap 2   KYLETAUN COCO                                           Old Mill Ladies Football
Trap 3   STONEPARK KING                                          Ballylanders GAA
Trap 4   BALLYMAC DAPPER                                      Galbally Handball
Trap 5   SWORDS HERO                                               Feenagh Kilmeedy GAA
Trap 6   PHOENIX TYSON (M)                                    Ahane GAA


Trap 1   SERENE REX                                                     Fr. Caseys GAA
Trap 2   OCEAN TESLA                                                  Patrickswell GAA
Trap 3   COOLAVANNY OTTO                                    Pallasgreen GAA
Trap 4   BAREFOOT ON FIRE                                      Oola GAA
Trap 5   GROUCHOS FINN                                         Old Christians GAA
Trap 6   BALLYMAC SENAN (M)                                 Fedamore GAA

Video: 2024 Con and Annie Kirby Memorial 1st Round Draw

All 12 heats will run on Saturday 23rd March with 4 to qualify from each. 

If you cannot see the embedded video above, click here to view on our Facebook page.

Video: Limerick GAA Club Draw

If you cannot see the embedded video above, click here to watch on our Facebook page.

1st Round Greyhound & GAA Club Draw

Heat 1:

T1   H1     Ocean Tesla                         Patrickswell GAA
T2   H1     Scooby Countess             Glin GAA
T3   H1     Swords Hero                       Feenagh Kilmeedy GAA
T4   H1     Tarsna Maasai                    Ballyagran Camogie
T5   H1     Romeo Crossfire              Cappamore GAA
T6   H1     Ballymac Rebel W           Croom GAA

Heat 2:

T1   H2     Romeo Falco                        Bruff GAA
T2   H2     Merits Inclusion                Cappamore Camogie
T3   H2     Athlacca Arteta                 Blackrock GAA
T4   H2     Ballymac Patriot               Mungret St.Pauls Ladies Football
T5   H2     Noirs Ben                              Murroe Boher GAA
T6   H2     Baby Bocko W                    Monagea Ladies Football

Heat 3:

T1    H3     Mustang Fever                   Glenroe GAA
T2    H3     Toolmaker Bud                   Bruree GAA
T3    H3     Romeo Kingpin                  Killeedy GAA
T4    H3     Quarry Boy                          Doon GAA
T5    H3     Kyletaun Coco                   Old Mill Ladies Football
T6    H3     Ballinabola Jim W            Cappagh Handball

Heat 4:

T1     H4     Ballydoyle Baby                Staker Wallace GAA
T2     H4     Good Hope                          Kilmallock GAA
T3     H4      Da Bold Falcon                 Na Piarsaigh GAA
T4     H4      Jim By Two                         Hospital Herbertstown GAA
T5     H4      De Foxy Devil                    Knockane GAA
T6     H4      Knockeen Dazzler W    Mountcollins GAA

Heat 5:

T1      H5         In Good Time                   St. Patricks GAA
T2      H5         Rushy Meadows            Askeaton Kilcornan Desmonds GAA
T3      H5         Tally Ho Storm                Knockainey GAA
T4      H5         Romeo Steel                     Banogue GAA
T5      H5         Grouchos Blake             Dromcollogher Broadford GAA
T6      H5         March On Freddie W Rathkeale GAA

Heat 6:

T1      H6         Grouchos Finn                Old Christians GAA
T2      H6         Romeo Taylor                  Ballybricken Bohermore GAA
T3      H6         Faypoint Harvey            Kildimo Pallaskenry GAA
T4      H6         Prince Naseem               Crecora GAA
T5      H6         Kilcolgan Witney           Ballybrown GAA
T6      H6         Ballymac Senan              Fedamore GAA

Heat 7:

T1       H7         Feshtys Mo                        St. Kierans GAA
T2       H7         Carneys Gold Mine       Adare GAA
T3       H7         Ballinabola Bill                Monagea GAA
T4       H7         Whyaye Bonnylad         Templeglantine GAA
T5       H7         Niosfearrnabolt              Athea GAA
T6       H7         Epic Chick M                    Gerald Griffins GAA

Heat 8:

T1       H8         Ower Cracker                  Granagh Ballingarry GAA
T2       H8         Radical Harry                   Dromin Athlacca GAA
T3       H8         Ballymac Danika            Ballysteen GAA
T4       H8         Coolavanny Poppy        Feohanagh Castlemahon GAA
T5       H8         Clona Comet                    Galbally GAA
T6       H8         Carmac King M               Claughaun GAA

Heat 9: 

T1       H9         Serene Rex                         Fr. Caseys GAA
T2       H9         Romeo Jackson               Garryspillane GAA
T3       H9         Coolavanny Otto            Pallasgreen GAA
T4       H9         Kilcolgan Mick                 Galtee Gaels GAA
T5       H9         Droopys Metaphor       Mungret St. Pauls GAA
T6       H9         Unanimouspanther M South Liberties GAA

Heat 10:

T1       H10      Carick Keano                    Monaleen GAA
T2       H10      Fashion Model                 Tournafulla GAA
T3       H10      Faypoint Sydney              St. Senans GAA
T4       H10      Serene Highway              Knockaderry GAA
T5       H10      Glitzy Magic M                 Effin GAA
T6       H10      Coolavanny Percy M     Caherline GAA

Heat 11:

T1        H11      Junctionfourteen          Cappagh GAA
T2        H11      Droopys Carbine           Camogue Rovers GAA
T3        H11      Hanover Sky                     Kilteely Dromkeen GAA
T4        H11      Scooby Pacemaker       Patrickswell Camogie
T5        H11      Faypoint Sean M            Croagh Kilfinny GAA
T6        H11      Unanimous Kai M          Ballinacurra Gaels GAA

Heat 12:

T1        H12      Barefoot On Fire           Oola GAA
T2        H12      Stonepark King               Ballylanders GAA
T3        H12      Droopys Cynthia            Newcastlewest GAA
T4        H12      Ballymac Dapper           Galbally Handball
T5        H12      Antigua Hawk M            Castletown Ballyagran GAA
T6        H12      Phoenix Tyson M           Ahane GAA