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The stories that inspired our campaign

The stories that inspired our campaign

Have you heard our radio ads?

We've launched a new radio ad campaign which is running on local and national radio stations this May & June. The campaign is inspired by the real stories of Greyhound Racing and the people involved in it. 

If you'd like to learn more about the stories that inspired the campaign, here's a small taster. 

 Brenda and Ted's story

Ted has been with Brenda since he was three months old. During his racing career, he won a number of races in Harold’s Cross and Shelbourne Park. For the last year and a half, he has been meeting and greeting spectators in Shelbourne – a job Brenda says he is made for!

Billy the Irish Greyhound blood donor

Billy is a member of a family that are a Greyhound dynasty, his owner, Catriona, fathers and grandfather owned Irish Greyhounds. Billy retired from racing in 2015 after achieving 2nd place in the English Derby Final and was then rehomed with Catriona.   

As a blood donor herself Catriona found out that Billy could become one too and since starting he has given blood every 2-3 months.  He has saved the lives of nine dogs, of all breeds, so far.  Billy is also a film star!  Look out for him on the silver screen soon. 

Ballymac Greyhound Kennels in Co. Kerry

Liam Dowling and his family and staff run a large greyhound training kennel in this video we go behind the scenes at a typical kennel inspection carried out routinely by the GRI's Regulations and Welfare Department.  

Greyhounds are finely tuned athletes and like any athlete follow a rigorous routine and diet. We join Michael,  a Stipendary Steward at Greyhound Racing Ireland as he carries out some of his duties at a routine visit to Ballymac Kennels.

Travelling Home 

This emotional video documents the transport of Irish Greyhounds to their new forever homes following their racing career. Ian, a greyhound transporter, looks after the dogs as they travel across Europe. The emotion is evident as the owners say goodbye to their greyhounds but knowing that their greyhounds will bring joy to families as loyal and loving pets makes saying goodbye a little easier

Rehoming centre - Greyhound Pets of Ireland

In 2020 GRI in partnership with The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust launched the Greyhound Pets of Ireland rehoming centre. The care centre has been set up to promote and help ex-racing greyhounds find their forever homes as pets for families across Ireland. At the centre greyhounds are helped make the transition from racing on the track, to being welcomed in a new family on their retirement. 

And there's more...

Enjoyed those? We've got plenty more great true stories of the people behind the scenes in Greyhound Racing.