Your Van could be our new billboard!

Help spread the word for the IRGT!

You already know that retired racing greyhounds make the best pets. Help us to tell everyone else. 

The Irish Retired Greyhounds Trust (IRGT) have launched a new initiative with Rásaíocht  Con Éireann / Greyhound Racing Ireland (RCÉ/GRI) to promote greyhound pet adoptions. 

Your van could be a moving billboard

The greyhound community are on the road everyday, with vans criss-crossing the country for schooling, trials, racing, getting supplies, visiting the vet and much more. We are looking for volunteers who will allow us to brand their van with graphics promoting retired racing greyhounds as pets. 

Help the IRGT by spreading the word with a branded van

The IRGT have created a series of graphics that can be sized to any van model, promoting greyhounds as pets and are looking for greyhound trainers/owners to partner with.

It's quick, easy & at no cost to you!

We will work with you to find an approved supplier that's convenient to you and pick a time that works for you. Turnaround is normally 3 to 4 hours and the best news is the stickers are durable and long-lasting but not permanent so can be removed if you are trading in your van.

The full cost of the graphics installation will be covered through the RCÉ/GRI Greyhound Care Fund. 

Get in touch to register your interest

Want to help? Let us know by emailing today.

Please remember to include your name, location and phone number so we can get in touch with you to take the next step!

Thank You to all who've supported it!