The Irish Greyhound Board are running a Pet Travel and E.U. passport service in recognition of European Union regulations (Council Directive 92/65/EEC Balai Directive) for pet travel and identification requirements for the commercial movement of dogs.

We are providing owners and trainers with the opportunity to get their greyhounds microchipped, ahead of new national legislation that will make this a legal requirement for all dogs in Ireland.

The service will also provide the issuing of E.U. Pet Passports, and the administration of rabies shots, which are E.U. requirements for the transportation of dogs to the U.K. and Europe. Rabies shots are required 3 weeks prior to travel. Rabies shots (Novibac Rabies) are valid for a maximum of 3 years.

Owners and trainers intending to sell greyhounds to the U.K. or Europe (either privately or through Greyhound Sales) should avail of this service to ensure that the E.U. Animal Health requirements are complied with prior to transportation.


•Microchipping + Rabies Shot + Pet Passport = €55 per greyhound 

Service is available for all categories of greyhound, including young pups, saplings & racers.

If you would like to make an appointment, please email with the number of greyhounds and the services you require (i.e. microchipping, rabies shots, pet passports) and we will arrange a convenient time and location at one of our race tracks. The service will be running until mid-December.

You will be required to bring greyhound I.D. cards (or Naming Forms) to your appointment so that earmarks can be recorded in Pet Passports.

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that vigorous exercise be avoided for a three day period after a microchip is implanted (to help enable a network of fine tissue to bind around the microchip to hold it in place) and after receiving a rabies shot.