How to rehome your greyhound when he/she is retired from racing?

1. Place your greyhounds name on the IRGT Rehoming List by contacting Joanne Murray on 061-448089 or by emailing Arrangements will then be made for your area Control Steward to Microchip your greyhound in advance of greyhound going to vet for remaining pre-rehoming procedures. N.B.: Microchip Registration Certificates will then be posted out to you which will be required when your greyhound is being rehomed.
2. Email a good quality photograph of your greyhound to
-Please ensure that the photograph is taken with a digital camera (not with a mobile phone) and greyhound is full length, side view, unmuzzled, unaccompanied
If you are not an email user then please contact Joanne Murray who will work with you on alternative means of getting this photograph to the IRGT
3. Please include the following information with the above email:
-Greyhounds Pet Name:
-Greyhounds general temperament:
-Greyhounds temperament around children:
-Compatibility with other breeds of dogs - both big and small:
-Summary of greyhounds general personality:
-Attributes which suggest that your greyhound will make a wonderful pet:
-Greyhounds medical history (to include information of any race injury so adopters will be aware of this):
-Greyhounds weight in Kgs:
-Greyhounds height (ground to top of shoulders) in cms:
This information will then be put up on the GRI website and will be sent to the Rehoming Agencies which the IRGT collaborates with.
4. Greyhounds need to be taken to your local Veterinary Surgeon for the following pre-rehoming procedures:
(a) Neutering/Spaying - GRI and IRGT will pay €50 towards this procedure
(b) Pet Passport 
(c) 7 in 1 Booster
(d) Rabies Shot
(e) Vaccination for Kennel Cough
IRGT will provide finance for procedures (b) to (e) and will issue correspondence to vets to outline the level of finance which it provides
Please forward on the name and number of your Veterinary Surgeon to Barry Coleman in advance of booking your greyhound in for the above procedures so that the Veterinary Surgeon can be fully briefed on what is required/payment process.
N.B.: Please ensure that your Veterinary Surgeon records procedures (c), (d) and (e) on the greyhounds Pet Passport prior to taking possession of the Pet Passport and indicate on a relevant section of the Pet Passport that the greyhound has been Neutered/Spayed. 
5. Owners will be required to keep their greyhounds until a suitable home is found in Ireland or until a suitable transport date is arranged if the greyhound is being rehomed by a European Rehoming Agency which the IRGT collaborates with.
-If being transported to Europe then greyhounds will have to return to the Veterinary Surgeon 48 hours before transport to be Certified Fit for Travel.
N.B.: This certification must be stamped on the greyhounds Pet Passport and the IRGT will provide finance for this certification, details of which will be included in correspondence to vets.
6. Owners will be required to take their greyhounds to a specified pick-up point on the day of transport and must ensure that they bring the greyhounds Pet Passports, Identity Cards and Microchip Registration Certificates with them on the day.