8 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Greyhound

1. Healthy

Because of generations of breeding based on only the healthiest and most talented racers, greyhounds do not suffer from congenital illnesses as much as other breeds might.                                                                                                             

2. Sociable

From the moment they are born, greyhounds are handled and actively socialised so that they become used to people and strangers. As a result of this handling, greyhounds tend not to ‘make strange’ with people they don’t know and are very sociable.

3. Easy

Because they are designed to expend their energy in short, sharp bursts, greyhounds don’t need as much exercise as you’d imagine. Access to a garden and 2 short walks per day are more than enough. In fact greyhounds are notorious for their reluctance to go out in the rain!

4. Not Fussy

Once greyhounds are retired, they don’t actually need a fancy training diet. Ordinary dry complete dog food is more than adequate. A note of warning, however! Greyhounds can be a bit on the greedy side and are masters at persuading their unwitting owners into liberal treat-giving!

5. Low-Maintenance

Because of their smooth, low shedding fur, greyhounds make great house pets. They are also one of the few dogs proven to be less of a risk to those with asthma and other allergenic reactions.

6. Tidy

Greyhounds are very fastidious in their houses and very, very few will mess. Also, because they are used to napping the day away in their kennels and going out for ‘business’, they will generally walk over to the door and pace a bit to tell you they need to go out.

7. Cheeky

We ought to come clean and tell you that many greyhounds ‘acquire’ household items, which they hide in their beds. Beware - underclothes are a particular favourite!

8. Loungers

Because they have such little body fat, greyhounds can’t tolerate hard surfaces or extremes of hot and cold. They will prefer a comfy sleeping area; your couch will do nicely and they are strictly a house pet, not an outdoor one.