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Fundraising & Benefit Nights

Fundraising & Benefit Nights

Are You Looking To Fundraise?

Forget the latest fad fundraising tactic that EVERYONE is trying and go for something with a proven record - like a Fundraiser Night at the Dogs 

We have the perfect venue at Galway Greyhound Stadium with both indoor and outdoor space, food outlets and bars!

So not alone can you raise some desperately needed funds, but your club members and their friends can enjoy a great night, building an even stronger club spirit. 

We work with your every step of the way and promise to make it is so easy that you will forget you are the organiser!  

What are the choices? 

Ticket only Event - The most popular choice!  

  • We print up to 1000 tickets which can use to generate up to €20,000 (depending how you price the ticket and how many you sell)
  • Each ticket is individually numbered so it can double up as an entry and prize draw ticket. 

Buster Race Tickets - A proven Club Favourite! 

  • 720 tickets to sell with a potential of raising up to €21,000!! (Depending how you price the   ticket) 
  • Each ticket has its own unique numbers combination which could also be the winning combination of your dedicated race.
  • Finish off the night in style and present the winning Trainer & Greyhound with a trophy and     jacket! 

Additional Revenue Generators -Simply add one of these to further boost your funds! 

  • Raffle Licence (for the night of your event)  
  • Greyhound Nominators (virtual greyhound ownership for one night only – you could be on   the winners’ podium!) 
  • Race Sponsorship (see your name in the race-card!) 
  • Screen Adverts (see your name in lights!) 
  • Create Your Own Advert Booklet 
  •  Auction 

Why not combine any of the above with your Awards Night or Special Recognition Night to give the night some extra buzz! 
NOTE: list of additional revenue generators may change per location 

Contact: for further enquiries

Raising funds for your good cause & the IRGT

Did you know that 2% of ALL winning prizemoney is donated to the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust? And that the Irish Greyhound Board then match that amount in another donation?

So that means that not only is your cause raising funds from your fundraising event but so is the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust (IRGT). 

Want to know more about the work of the IRGT? Visit their website 


"Every year GAA clubs across the country, like ours in Ballinderreen, sit down to think about ways to fundraise for the season ahead. Although we are a relatively small club (about 240 children playing hurling and camogie) we have a big heart and big drive to constantly develop our teams and facilities. There are lots of interesting and innovative ways to bring in badly needed funds, from fashion shows to tree planting, but this year we found a really excellent partner in the Galway Greyhound Stadium. Fintan, Laura and team made sure we were well prepared in advance and helped us thoroughly plan our 'Night at the Dogs'. We had a fantastic evening at the stadium, it will be remembered by all for a long time to come. The facilities, organisation and service were all excellent. It was a real community event for young and old from Ballinderreen, and was a great commercial success for us too. On behalf of the hurling and camogie clubs we wish to sincerely thank you all for making this happen!"

Alan Bailey, Ballinderreen Juvenile Hurling PRO

I approached the Galway greyhound track with the possibility of running a fundraising night for the club. Laura Connolly and all the staff at the track were extremely helpful and and gave us great advice. It was a resounding success.
I would highly recommend any club or society who are fundraising to contact Laura and the Galway greyhound track team.
Thank you again for all your support.
Alan Flynn, Tuam Stars GAA club