GRI wishes to advise all Greyhound Breeders/Owners/Trainers that:

  • GRI has requested Pound Managers to report any greyhound(s) which is/are surrendered to Pounds in poor physical health/poor condition. GRI will then carry out an immediate investigation into the matter and sanctions will be imposed on those found to be in breach of the Welfare of Greyhounds Act 2011


  • A number of greyhounds, predominantly females, have been stolen from kennels/paddocks over the last number of months. GRI is requesting that they be notified immediately of such thefts (age, description and earmarkings of the stolen greyhounds required) so that in the event that such greyhounds are discovered straying or have been surrendered to Greyhound Rescues they can be re-united with their owners more efficiently. Local Gardai and Local Dog Warden should also be informed of the thefts. GRI should also be informed of any greyhounds straying/escaping from their kennels/paddocks/rearing facilities. All information can be sent to Mr. Barry Coleman, Welfare Manager GRI, by emailing or by calling 061-448001. Alternatively please report all cases of stolen or missing greyhounds to your Local Racing Manager/Local Racing Office who will then forward the information on to GRI.