Introducing Greyhound Pets of Ireland Care Centre

Nestled in the Tipperary countryside sits the Greyhound Pets of Ireland care centre, a place where the dogs go after their racing days are behind them and before they move on to their forever homes. Greyhounds are so often thought of as purely racing dogs and not pets, for the dogs themselves they are destined for a very different but exciting life.

Greyhounds are very social animals, with a gentle and placid nature who enjoy spending time with each other as well as people. A typical day for these beauties starts about 07.30 when they wake up and then head out for a while before breakfast, and after that, it's time for some more fun times outside. Between meals and naps the dogs get plenty of time to go outside, and at the care centre, there are plenty of paddocks for the dogs to enjoy and even a walking machine!

A lot of people don’t know that Greyhounds don’t actually need a lot of exercise so their times outside are also used for grooming and lead walking training as well as exercise. A big part of the care centre is to prepare the dogs for life as pets now and socialising the greyhounds with other dogs and humans as well as exposing them to new environments is all part of the process.

Find Your New Best Friend

Once a family decides that the retired greyhound is the right dog for them, they fill out a registration form and then make an appointment to visit the care centre. Like humans, all dogs have different personalities so a lot of effort is taken to match the right family with the right dog and although there is no fee for adopting a greyhound, donations to the care centre are always gratefully received!

Visit the Greyhound Pets of Ireland website to see all the dogs that are available for rehoming.