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90 Reasons To Love Greyhound Racing

We are celebrating 90 years of greyhound racing at Mullingar Greyhund Stadium this August!

In efforts to mark such a special occasion we have combiled a list of 90 reasons to love Greyhound Racing & Mullingar Greyhound Stadium!

90 Reasons to love Mullingar Greyhound Stadium& Greyhound Racing

  1. Greyhound sport has been in existence in Ireland for many years – did you know that greyhound racing in it’s current format started way back in 1927!
  2. Greyhound Racing is a multi-generational sport that all ages can enjoy and with a love of sport passed through generations of families in Mullingar and across the country.
  3. Many memories have been made & precious moments shared at Mullingar Greyhound Stadium through sporting achievements, nights out and special celebrations.
  4. Many personal connections and friendships have formed track-side.
  5. Mullingar Greyhound Stadium is an amenity for both locals & visitors to our town to enjoy.
  6. Mullingar Greyhound Stadium is a social spot which allows people from both near and afar to come together.
  7. Mullingar Greyhound Stadium generates lots of local employment through our bar, fast food facilities and restaurant and more.
  8. Mullingar Greyhound Stadium creates employment opportunities for our younger generation with part time jobs available all year round at the stadium.
  9. Mullingar Greyhound Stadium is only 2-minute walk from the town centre, how convenient!
  10.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium offers free racing admission on Sunday. This is a perfect way of encouraging a Sunday Funday afternoon track side!
  11.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium have first Class veterinary attention on site at all race meetings.
  12.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium host the Midlands 550 Derby in February.
  13.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium hosts the classic Irish Cesarewitch Open 600. This racing event attracts the top-class stayers in May.
  14.  In October Mullingar Greyhound Stadium host the Mullingar Fair Warrior. This racing event attracts the top-class sprinters in the country as they dash over 400 yards.
  15.  2% of all winning prizemoney goes directly to the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust. This supports all the amazing work they do in rehoming retired greyhounds.
  16.  If you can’t make it track side on Sunday, don’t worry you can watch all of the thrilling racing action from Mullingar Greyhound Stadium live on Racing Post Greyhound TV (RPGTV). What a fabulous way to spend your Sunday afternoon.
  17.  50% of all sponsorship goes directly to the Greyhound Card Fund. This is an amazing incentive which makes sponsorship even more important.
  18.  Greyhound racing in all stadia nationwide supports a community of trainers and owners. These people are so dedicated to what they and our industry would not be the same without them!
  19.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium is the ideal venue for a family outing. We have some much to offer, we are bound to please the whole gang!
  20.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium attracts lots of visitors to the Mullingar town centre. This is great for the local businesses as income is created using local shops and restaurants.
  21.  Greyhounds are the most regulated canine breed in the world. Isn’t that just fascinating!
  22.  Greyhound Racing Ireland launched a code of practise that applies to any person who keeps, breeds, rears, trains, races, trades, or transports a greyhound in Ireland.
  23. Mullingar Greyhound Stadium hosts many Hen & Stag celebrations each year. What an amazing way to celebrate such an exciting time in your life! We are so glad we can provide such fun and happy memories.
  24.  The welfare and care of all greyhounds takes main priority at every race meeting at Mullingar Greyhound Stadium and all stadia nationwide.
  25.  Greyhound racing is a highly skilled fast paced sport that people adore to follow and watch all year round. I mean how could you possibly get sick of watching such thrilling entertainment!
  26.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium is a family friendly space that has something to suit the whole family.
  27.  The greyhound racing industry is an important part of the social and economic fabric of rural Ireland.
  28.  We are currently celebrating a huge milestone… 90 years of greyhound racing in Mullingar. NOW, that is impressive!
  29.  Greyhound racing is not a seasonal sport, it takes place all year round. This is to the utter delight of all at Mullingar Greyhound Stadium.
  30.  Greyhound racing takes place twice a week every week at Mullingar Greyhound Stadium, so there is no shortage of fun trackside!
  31.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium has provided 90 years of racing entertainment to date and we simply cannot wait to continue our legacy!
  32.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium has been the home and host to many incredibly talented greyhounds.
  33.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium has free racing admission for U-14. This is a fantastic incentive to encourage our younger people to explore the exhilarating atmosphere of race night.
  34.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium has been the host of many special events throughout the years. It is our privilege to able to help our guests celebrate momentous occasions.
  35.  For stakeholders within the greyhound sector, it is an important economic and social activity.
  36.  Greyhound Racing Ireland produced a series which follows 5 young women, all under 30, who are carving their own path in the greyhound racing industry. It is empowering to see these women take centre stage and we are honoured to help share their stories.
  37.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium have a glass-fronted restaurant which provides delicious food to all of our guests. Our diners enjoy all of the thrilling racing action from the comfort of our restaurant all whilst enjoying a super meal, I mean how amazing does that sound! We are thrilled that we can offer such a fabulous opportunity.
  38.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium has hosted many birthday parties to date. We feel so lucky to be a part of your special day!
  39.  Greyhounds may be super speedy on the track but they're also affectionately known as 40mph couch potatoes! They love to be lazy & just chill, don’t we all I suppose!
  40. Greyhounds make the absolute best family pet; they are so affectionate and docile.
  41.   Mullingar Greyhound Stadium provide young people with the opportunity of work experience.
  42.  Greyhound Racing is regulated in Ireland by Greyhound Racing Ireland, a Semi-State body that sits under the Department of Agriculture.
  43.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium is the start of many budding relationships both young & old. This warms our hearts, here’s to many more special bonds!
  44.  Greyhound racing is a way of life for greyhound owners and trainers all around the country. It is such a special sport and we here at Mullingar Greyhound Stadium are honoured to be a part of it all!
  45.  Greyhounds are so unique, there are about 30 recognised colour forms to be found in Greyhounds. That is just amazing, they sure are beautiful!
  46.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium has positive effect on local economy.
  47.  Greyhound Racing Ireland spends over €3 million a year on Regulation and Welfare.
  48.  Greyhound racing is the perfect idea for a family fun day out.
  49.  Did you know that the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust assisted in the rehoming of 2,234 retired greyhounds in 2021?
  50.  Greyhounds are incredibly talented. They can reach full speed of 43mph within six strides of leaving traps - that's faster than Usain Bolt's top speed of 27mph!
  51.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium is ideal for all ages, we are delighted to cater for everyone!
  52. In 2022, Greyhound Racing Ireland celebrated the first Greyhound Dental Health Awareness Month sharing tips on caring for greyhound’s teeth – it might also be useful for your pet dog so why not check it out on
  53.  We pride ourselves on being able to cater to all tastes, whether you’re after a buffet style feast, cocktail nibbles, or an impressive fine dining experience, we have you sorted here at Mullingar Greyhound Stadium.
  54.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium caters for all, we offer student & OAP rates.
  55.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium is equipped to deal with groups of all types, who all want a great night out.
  56.  The Greyhound is the only dog mentioned by name in the Bible. 
  57.  Through the many fundraising events held at the stadium, Mullingar Greyhound Stadium allows local clubs, schools, and other organisations to raise much needed funds.
  58.  Greyhound Racing is steeped in Irish history, which makes the sort so special.
  59.  All our visitors enjoy at Mullingar Greyhound Stadium a fun night of racing action, great food and drink options and of course, an atmosphere that’s totally electric.
  60.  The legacy of Greyhound racing, as well as providing entertainment for generations, is responsible for employing people throughout Ireland. 
  61.  The Greyhound is such a part of Irish life that there was even a commemorative stamp issued by An Post in 1977 to mark 50 years of racing. 
  62.  Mullingar Greyhound Stadium host lots of important racing events throughout the year.
  63.  As a result of their short hair greyhounds shed very little making them ideal for households with asthma or other allergies!
  64.  We use our social media channel to show of all our lovely visitors! Check us out at Mullingar Greyhound Stadium on Facebook & Instagram!
  65.  Greyhounds have been prized for their speed, grace, agility, hunting prowess and as loyal pets and companions.
  66.  In retirement some greyhounds go on to become therapy dogs.
  67.  The Irish Greyhound Racing industry provides and supports considerable employment both directly and indirectly across the Irish economy.
  68.  In 1928, the very first winner of Best in Show at the world-famous Crufts Dog Show was none other than a Greyhound; Primely Sceptre, owned by H. Whitely. 
  69.  In modern times, greyhounds, traditionally used for hunting, were introduced to the mechanical lure and greyhound racing as we know it began.
  70.  A night out at the dogs is a great way to spend an evening – racing action, great food, and a fantastic buzz.
  71.  We have a fast-food facility which is perfect for a quick and yummy snack.
  72.  With a hands-on upbringing from their families, greyhounds are very well socialised with other dogs and humans. That’s why they make such wonderful pets when they retire from their racing career.
  73.  Greyhounds have been in existence for longer than any other breed of dog and for all that time, that is simply incredible!
  75.  I get to go swimming to get fit for my race
  76. I get my pre-race massage.
  77.  I get my pre-race meal of pasta and absolute favourite, delicious!!
  78. I get to travel in style and go in the van.
  79.  I get lots of hugs & kisses from all my fabulous human friends.
  80. I get to see all my other canine buddies when I go racing.
  81. I get to meet lots of nice & friendly human people every race night.
  82. I can’t always be the winner, so I do love seeing which one of my friends wins the race!
  83. I get to show off my pawsome talent and run reallllly fast around the track!
  84. I get to visit lots of different places around Ireland, that’s cool!
  85. I get to smile big as I have my picture taken for d Facebook!!
  86.  I get to meet lots of different people every day (both canine & human!).
  87. I get treated like a King/Queen every day.
  88.  I get spoilt rotten both before and after racing.
  89.  I have lots of fun preparing for my race with all of my crew.
  90.  Everybody gets so excited when they see me on race nights.
  91.  I love having the chats with all my canine friends in the kennels before & after racing!

 Have Something Else in Mind?

We would love for you to share with us your reasons for loving greyhound racing & Mullingar Greyhoun Stadium! As we know it is simply impossible to put a limit on true love!

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