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Tote Facilities

How the Tote Woks

The "Tote" is short for Totalisator. The Tote operates a system to offer pool betting on race tracks. Here’s how it works:

  • Customers bet into a common pool, betting against one another, as opposed to bookmaking where they bet against the bookmaker.  All stakes on a race are pooled and a deduction is made to cover costs.
  • The remainder of the pool is divided by the number of winning units to give a dividend which is declared inclusive of a €1 stake.
  • Tote dividends are not linked to the prices declared by bookmakers. The odds fluctuate according to the pattern of betting and the amount of money placed on each dog.

Betting ceases at the sound of the hare bell. There is no tax on racecourse bets.

The Tote is operated by the Irish Greyhound Board.

The Greyhound Totalisator Operating Regulations 1971 can be found here

Think 21 Policy 

Customer notice: Ireland’s horse and greyhound racing stadiums will implement a ‘Think 21’ wagering initiative in October but the entertainment offering to families will be unaffected. 

From 1 October 2017, all Tote wagering staff will adhere to a strict policy to ensure no individual(s) under the age of 18 can place a bet by checking photo identification for any person who looks under 21. The underage measure is contained in new legislation and has been supported by HRI and the IGB as part of the industry’s commitment to responsible wagering. 

Every year tens of thousands of families across Ireland are attracted to the excellent facilities at racing venues and their experiences will not be diminished by this change. 

Feel free to speak to a member of stadium or Tote management for more information.


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