Press Release: Regulatory Reform- 10 August 2016

Press Release: Regulatory Reform- 10 August 2016

In August 2015, Rásaíocht Con Éireann phase 2 of its Public Consultation for Regulatory Reform following on from Phase 1 (December 2014) which recognised the importance of implementing the highest standards in integrity and compliance controls in all aspects of its regulatory structure and resulted in significant changes to secondary legislation regarding anti-doping and disciplinary procedures. Through public consultation, the ability of a Regulatory Authority to actively seek the opinions of interested and affected groups through Public Consultation is a key regulatory tool which has already led to improved transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of the regulatory infrastructure of Rásaíocht Con Éireann following on from the publication of the 2014 Indecon Report on the Irish greyhound industry.

The results of Phase Two of Public Consultation supported the following legislative amendments which will be implemented into the relevant secondary legislation on 1 September 2016: 

The effect of these regulations is to amend the Greyhound Industry (Racing) Regulations, to ensure the following legislative provisions are enforced under statute:

I. provide that a greyhound prohibited from racing in accordance with paragraph (a) of sub-article (3C) of article 29 of Greyhound Industry (Racing) Regulations, 2007 shall not be eligible for entry in any trial or race;
II. provide for out of competition inspection and sampling of racing greyhounds, and, where a positive result is obtained, requires a negative sample to be returned before the greyhound can participate in trials or racing again. It also prohibits any greyhound from participation where an owner or trainer has obstructed the sampling of the greyhound. Certain exemptions are provided in cases where the positive result was as a consequence of an animal remedy lawfully administered to a greyhound for bona-fide therapeutic purposes;
III. require that all racing greyhounds are in compliance with the Microchipping of Dogs Regulations 2015 (S.I. No. 63 of 2015) in order to be eligible for entry in any trial or race;
IV. require that a record be kept of all animal remedies administered to a greyhound, and any treatment provided by a veterinary practitioner to a greyhound, and establish a condition of entry that such record must be produced on the request of an authorised officer;
V. require a person, other than the registered owner, licenced trainer or registered agent of a greyhound, who handles or parades a greyhound at any of the stages of a race meeting to obtain a Kennelhand Authorisation;
VI. provide that no person, other than an appointed race track official, or the registered owner, licensed trainer, registered agent, or authorised kennelhand of a kennelled greyhound, shall be admitted to the kennel area or its enclosure at any time during which any greyhound is kennelled for a race or a trial;
VII. prohibit the use of mobile phones in the kennels or kennel enclosure;
VIII. prohibit all items other than bedding, a racing muzzle, kennel muzzle, racing sheet and kennel cover are prohibited in kennels;
IX. ensure that bedding only includes material solely used for providing a layer inside the kennel for the comfort of the greyhound;
X. allow an Exclusion Order to be applied to any person who acts in a violent or improper manner towards any official, authorised officer, board member or any other member of staff employed at any race track or stadium licensed or operated by the Board
Note for Editors:
Rásaíocht Con Éireann wish to re-emphasise the commitment of Rásaíocht Con Éireann to ensuring our regulatory system is aligned with International best practice founded on integrity, education and transparency to all our stakeholders.

Rásaíocht Con Éireann 10/08/16