The GRI Strategic Plan 2018 to 2022

Greyhound Racing Ireland, Formally The Irish Greyhound Board Strategic Plan 2018 to 2022


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Forward from the Chairman

Thank you for taking the time to read this emerging strategy for the industry. Greyhound racing is as Irish as Hurling or Céilí Dancing and has been part of our culture for more than 200 years.

Today, owning and racing greyhounds is a pastime that’s open to people from all walks of life. Greyhound ownership and racing has always been an inclusive sports arena that’s open to everyone. As a greyhound enthusiast for many years, I know how much joy (and sometimes frustration), this sport can bring to individuals and families.

The preparation of this strategic plan has allowed us to take stock of where we in the greyhound industry are today and plan a way forward. It will result in a renewed interest in the industry, bringing greyhound racing - a unique sport - to many more people. Specifically, it will increase the level of Greyhound ownership, result in a fairer deal for breeders, owners, trainers and patrons to our stadia and continue to provide a social engagement for people just looking for a fun night out.

The plan is built around seven key areas which encompass the entire of the greyhound industry. Implementation of the initiatives outlined in the plan are aimed at restoring viability to the greyhound industry and creating a vibrant future for all those involved or who become involved in the sector.

This plan has the issue of animal welfare as a key consideration and a central part of the work of the GRI and the greyhound industry over the plan period. As an industry we need to clearly demonstrate and promote the very positive welfare initiatives that are already in place and implement further progressive measures to allay any public concerns that may exist on welfare within the industry.

Implementation of proposals contained in the strategy will support direct and indirect employment in the industry and in support services.

The proceeds from the sale of Harold’s Cross will remove the burden of debt and facilitate significant improvements in animal welfare, upgrading our stadia and driving the greyhound industry.

Full details on proposals are outlined in this strategy. In particular we want to ensure that Shelbourne Park continues to be the flagship for our industry - with utilisation across four or more nights each week of the year.

Following through on the commitments made, we will also strive to make GRI a great place to work for our dedicated staff, many of whom have given a lifetime of service to Greyhounds and to the wider organisation. In this regard, I would like to extend a particularly warm welcome to our new Chief Executive - Gerard Dollard. Ger brings a wealth of experience to the table and will lead the next phase of our journey.

As Chairperson, it’s my great privilege to lead the Board of Directors, helping to steer this semi-state organisation, working with the wider industry, towards a bright and positive future. That journey has already begun.

Phil Meaney

Chairman: Irish Greyhound Board