Microchipping Legislation 2015

Implementation information regarding the Microchipping Legislation 2015

On 27 February 2015 the Government published regulations for the microchipping of dogs. These regulations apply to all dogs. The time table for the implementation of microchipping is:

• Pups – born after 1st June 2015 must be microchipped upon reaching age of 12 weeks.

• Adult dogs – from 31st March 2016

The microchips implanted in dogs must be in accordance with a specified standard and are approximately the size of a grain of rice. They must be implanted by a vet, veterinary nurse or other appropriately trained persons. The microchip codes must be recorded on one of a number of approved databases which will be available to animal wardens, gardai, local authority staff and animal welfare organisations to assist them in re-uniting dogs with the owners.

A database operator must provide a dog owner with a certificate of registration. Changes of ownership must be registered with the database operator and a new certificate will be issued to the new owner. The database operator must also be informed of events such as changes address of owner or location of dog, loss of dog and death of dog.

The Irish Coursing Club is planning to provide a microchipping and database service for all greyhounds and certain other dogs, such as pets of greyhound owners. Greyhound pups will be microchipped at the same time that they are earmarked. Adult dogs as at 1st September 2015 will be microchipped between that date and 31st March 2016. The intention is to train the existing control stewards to implant the microchips in pups and adult dogs. By 31st March 2016, all greyhounds, whether they be adult dogs or pups of 12 weeks or more will have been microchipped in accordance the new regulations.

Further information will be made available over the coming months. This will include more detail on the greyhound industry implementation plans plus answers to frequently asked questions. A copy of the microchipping of dogs regulations is available for viewing or downloading from