Ian Fortune

Marissa Molloy was still in disbelief when we caught up with her yesterday after the success of her star Raha Mofo in the Sporting Press Online Edition Irish Oaks.

Marissa said it best when describing the past days as, “such an epic weekend”.

She went on, “It was just incredible. We’re all still on a high and can’t really believe it all happened. After the race Murt [Leahy] lifted me up and it was all very emotional. I was crying and I think I started Deidre [Leahy] off. I had a few friends with me as well as my two daughters and my husband but that was about it. Most of the family were in New York as Kieran was supposed to be fighting.

“Sadly, that didn’t happen as his opponent caught covid. It’s frustrating but he is down to fight on August 6th at Belfast on the Michael Conlon undercard. He was hoping to get six fights in this year but that is a stretch now. It’s hard on him mentally and physically.

“Stephen has been with my every step of the journey but he was in New York so had to watch it on the computer. A gang of about 70 took over Legends Bar in New York and the scenes were supposed to be something else. There’s a video or two doing the rounds online.

“I also got to meet the breeder Stephen [Dunne] for the first time. He told me what his wife was wearing so I just wandered up and asked her if Stephen was there. She told me to turn around and we just hugged. We’ve become great friends over the phone and it was so lovely to share this with him. We talk all the time and he has sent a few people my way to rear dogs for them.  

“When Dad bought the bitch and her sister, Stephen gave back a few quid luck money and wrote a little note on a yellow post it. When Dad passed, I found that note in his wallet and it’s been on my fridge ever since as a reminder. I think someone was looking after us over the past few months.”

But what of the future for Raha Mofo. Well, Marissa has her own ideas suggesting they would like to see her step up in trip but suggested the decision will be left to the boss, Murt”.

Where ever she goes and whatever happens in the future, Raha Mofo will forever be remembered as a tremendous Oaks winner and for that Marissa is clearly more than grateful.