Ian Fortune

Con Guiney was obviously very disappointed and upset on Saturday evening after his star tracker Jacob Tashadelek suffered a bad injury in his heat of the Brestbet Easter Cup. But he was also very grateful to the staff for all their help.

Said Con, “I’d like to thank the control steward and vet on duty for their help. They really were excellent. The vet at the track couldn’t have done more. She made the dog comfortable and told me who would be best to deal with that type of injury.

“I headed straight for Shane Guerin’s in Cork and got down there soon after half one. They looked after him and got him an x-ray straight away. It’ a clean break so he should be fine. They pan to operate on him early in the week.

“He’ll be three in the summer and they rarely come back so we’ll just focus on bringing him back so he can have a long healthy retirement. Once again, I’d just likely to pass on my compliments to all that helped out.”

Con also confirmed he would definitely be giving Jacob Tashadelek a chance at stud. Said Guiney, “We’ll let him serve a bitch or two for us. Obviously, he was a very talented racer but his temperament is what set him apart. He could be in a kennel block with dogs going crazy around him and you’d have to nearly wake him. He is just so laid back. He’s also so well bred so I wouldn’t hesitate mating one of my bitches with him.”

It really is a shame to see a greyhound like Jacob Tashadelek forced to retire early. Given the fact that he was clear in a contest that was eventually won in 30.00, he was probably going to post around the 29.60 mark which would have been the best of the round. Sadly, it’s perhaps the last we will see of him on the track but we look forward to seeing his progeny in the future.