HSE COVID-19 Resources

*Please note, information is provided as a tool to help you find the information you need. Please always follow the latest guidelines and HSE/Government advice.*

The HSE have information, tips and resources on their website on Coronavirus COVID-19 and how to help prevent its spread. Visit their website for the latest information. 


Face Masks

How to use a cloth face covering properly


Clean your hands properly before you put it on.

Practice using it so you are comfortable putting it on and taking it off.

Make sure it is made from a fabric you are comfortable wearing.

Cover your mouth and nose with it and make sure there are no gaps between your cloth face covering.

Tie it securely.

Carry unused face coverings in a sealable clean waterproof bag, for example, a ziplock.

Carry a second similar type bag to put used face coverings in.


Do not touch a face covering while wearing it - if you do, clean your hands properly.

Do not use a wet or soiled face covering.

Do not share face coverings.

Do not lower your face coverings to speak, eat and smoke or vape - if you need to uncover your nose or mouth take the face covering off and put it in the bag for used face coverings.

Do not discard face coverings in public places.


Visit the HSE website for their latest information on face coverings.