Video: The Story Behind The Wall - Painting Our Sustainability Story With A Mural

In Limerick, Limerick Greyhound Stadium stands as a prominent venue for racing enthusiasts. However, beyond the track, an initiative has been underway to promote sustainability and biodiversity on the site. Local artist Tom Collins was approached by The Head Office Marketing Team to discuss a mural project reflecting this commitment.

Tom's proposal was simple yet impactful: a mural depicting the local landscape and wildlife, alongside a nod to Greyhound Racing Ireland and Limerick Greyhound Stadium's dedication to sustainability. Despite weather challenges, Tom and his team diligently prepared the wall, waiting for a suitable break to unveil their creation.

As the deadline approached for the opening rounds of the Con & Annie Kirby Memorial 2024, the mural was completed. It showcased the stadium's surroundings, featuring birds, bats, and a greyhound, symbolising the coexistence of nature and racing. The unveiling served as a subtle reminder of the importance of environmental preservation amid the excitement of the races.

The first night attendees admired the mural, appreciating its depiction of the local ecosystem and the stadium's commitment to sustainability. The hope is that the murals message will resonate beyond the confines of the stadium, sparking conversations about the importance of preserving biodiversity and supporting sustainable practices in the greyhound community.

In the end, the mural will serve as more than just a decorative addition to the stadium walls. It became a symbol of collective responsibility, reminding everyone of the impact of their actions on the environment. Through Tom's artistry and the stadium's commitment to sustainability, a powerful message was conveyed.

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