Further greyhound industry supports announced

‘Incentives in line with Strategic Plan 2018-2022’


Greyhound Racing Ireland (GRI), previously called The Irish Greyhound Board (IGB) today (Monday 26 March) announced a further set of financial incentives to promote and sustain activity in the Irish Greyhound industry.


The incentives which will come into effect from 1April 2018, and provide for a payment of €100 for greyhounds who commence their racing careers prior to reaching 19 months and complete their first five races at GRI licenced tracks. This incentive would apply on completion of the greyhound’s fifth race. The purpose of the incentive is to encourage owners to retain pups for participation in greyhound racing at all venues and contribute towards the costs of rearing quality greyhounds.

A further incentive will include a €20 payment in respect of the fourth, fifth and sixth place in all races at Shelbourne Park Stadium. GRI is conscious of the necessity to encourage participation in races at the premier track and recognises, in particular, the current difficulties in accessing the venue due to significant road works on main access routes and general traffic congestion in the city area. The proposed payment should assist in alleviating some of the costs incurred by owners, breeders and trainers in attending Shelbourne Park.