Rásaíocht Con Éireann commissioned a comprehensive report to examine the pedigree of the Irish greyhound population, in particular the level of inbreeding given that the most recent analysis was last completed in 1973.  Donagh Berry, an Animal Geneticist with Teagasc undertook this report which is available in the link below. Data was gathered using greyhound births 1900-2013, with a mathematical analysis to calculate the average level of inbreeding. This average level for the Irish population is found to be less than most other comparable studies as discussed in the report.
The accumulation rate was found to be below the maximum threshold per generation as set by the World Food and Agriculture Organisation. The level of inbreeding is calculated as being higher among the coursing population than those used for track racing.

The report will assist in benchmarking the Irish population against international guidelines, other populations and will inform studbook management. 

Pedigree Analysis of Irish Greyhounds