Re-Use of Public Sector Information

Rásaíocht con Éireann (otherwise known as Greyhound Racing Ireland) (referred to herein as ‘RCÉ’) complies with the regulations on the Re-use of Public Sector Information S.I. 279/2005; European Communities (Re-use of Public Sector Information) Regulations 2005, as amended (‘the Regulations’).

The content of the RCÉ website and any official RCÉ social media channel, to include any race video content, is the copyright of RCÉ (unless otherwise indicated), and the terms of re-use of any such content is governed by a Public Service Information licence, the terms of which can be found here[1] (‘the Licence’).

The term ‘re-use’ includes copying, modifying, publishing, translating, adapting, distributing or otherwise using the information in any medium, mode or format for any lawful purpose.

RCÉ encourages the re-use of the information it produces, subject to the terms of the Licence, which is in line with the Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC-BY 4.0 International) standard, with additional conditions in relation to the posting of race video content, which should be noted.

A decision to re-use RCÉ information shall be deemed to be on full notice of, and subject to, the terms of the Licence and will be at a user’s own risk and discretion. RCÉ shall not be liable, whether directly or indirectly, for any loss or liability associated with the re-use of its information.

RCÉ does not certify that the information it creates/produces is up-to-date or error free, and it does not authorise any user to have exclusive rights to re-use of its information.

If users have any queries in relation to the Regulations or the Licence, they can contact RCÉ at Users should also note that the Regulations provide a statutory appeals mechanism to the Office of the Information Commissioner, details of which can be found here: