As part of GRI’s ongoing development of Talking Dogs as a key engagement forum for the greyhound community we are delighted to announce that from Thursday 30th July, fans of Talking Dogs will have the opportunity to not only read up-to-date news from around the country, but will be for the first time able to listen to Talking Dogs correspondent Barry Drake chat with guests on a weekly podcast series.  

“Talking Dogs on Thursday” will hear Barry chat with owners, trainers and fans of Irish greyhound racing about their passion for the sport and personal stand-out moments. 

Talking Dogs will launch a new weekly podcast with Barry Drake chatting all things greyhound racing every week

The show will appeal to all of those with an interest in Irish greyhound racing and is the next step in increasing the reach of Talking Dogs in providing the most extensive coverage of greyhound racing. 

Barry Drake commented, “This is a great opportunity, and I am really looking forward to reaching out to and chatting with like-minded greyhound racing enthusiasts. Never has it been more important for greyhound racing supporters to be vocal about their love of the sport, and this podcast will give that opportunity to those fans to tell the story of their lives in greyhound racing. It’s an exciting new addition to Talking Dogs, which I hope will help shed greater light on what a great industry we work in, and what fantastic people are involved in every facet of it.”