Ian Fortune

After 32 opening round heats, Ireland’s hand in the Star Sports & TRC English Derby remains as strong as ever.

There were some superb displays over the past three nights and we now look forward to the second round draw which is due to be made tomorrow afternoon.

There will no doubt be some seeding changes. A grand total of 32 Irish trained greyhounds will be in the draw, including an incredible eight from Pat Buckley, who saw each and every one of his team progress.  Below we’ve highlighted some of the stats from the opening round focusing, as you would expect, on the Irish runners.

Number of Irish trained winners in opening round:

15 from a possible 24 (Ireland had runners in 24 of the 32 heats)

Number of Irish trained qualifiers:


Breakdown of Irish qualifiers:

Pat Buckley (8)

Bobsleigh Dream

Singalong Sally

Glengar Scholar

Scarty Yank

Le Bonite

Cushie Concorde

Ballinabola Ed

Glengar Jenny

Graham Holland (5)

Bockos Leah

Part Blake

Bockos Vieira

Knight Tornado

Romeo Magico

Peter Cronin (5)

Da Bold Freddie

Emilys Jet


Cape Cloud

All About Ted

Liam Dowling (4)

Hoodoo Brown

Ballymac Fairone

Ballymac Belvult

Ballymac Leon

Paul Hennessy (4)

Hello Hammond

Priceless Jet

Barefoot Supremo

Jaytee Wexford

Michael O’Donovan (2)

Skywalker Barry

Coolavanny Calvn

Brendan Matthews (2)

Wide Open


Karol Ramsbottom (1)

Deadly Showtime

Owen McKenna (1)

Ballymore Border


A full breakdown of where the 43 Irish trained greyhound finished in the opening round. 

Thursday (10 runners)

Heat 2

2nd Hoodoo Brown

Heat 4

2nd Hello Hammond

Heat 5

5th Conamara

Heat 6

2nd Ballymore Border

4th Im To Blame

Heat 7

1st Da Bold Freddie

Heat 8

1st Skywalker Barry

2nd Ballymac Fairone

3rd Bockos Leah

Heat 9

3rd Priceless Jet

Friday (17 runners)

Heat 11

1st Bobsleigh Dream

3rd Ballymac Belvult

Heat 12

1st Part Blake

2nd Singalong Sally

4th Savana Hero

Heat 15

2nd Glengar Scholar

Heat 16

1st Emilys Jet

4th Run Bolt

5th Balymac Ben

Heat 17

1st Scarty Yank

Heat 18

1st Le Bonite

2nd Kildare

Heat 19

2nd Coolavanny Calvn

Heat 20

1st Ballinabola Ed

2nd Cushie Concorde

5th Getawaywithit

Heat 21

1st Cape Cloud

Saturday (16 runners)

Heat 22

1st Barefoot Supremo

4th Beach Avenue

5th Russian Glory

Heat 24

2nd Glengar Jenny 

3rd Jaytee Wexford

Heat 25

1st Deadly Showtime

Heat 27

1st Bockos Vieira

Heat 28

1st Wide Open

5th Bockos Budsit

Heat 29

2nd Knight Tornado

3rd Romeo Magico

4th Deadly Destroyer

Heat 30

1st All About Ted

3rd Fernandes

6th Romeo On Fire

Heat 31

1st Ballymac Leon