Ian Fortune

Michael Donnelly is a young trainer that has increasingly become someone to watch, especially when he brings one to Shelbourne Park.

Michael, who is the right side of thirty and looks like he walked straight off a college campus, had a notable winner in Dublin over the weekend with Epic King getting up late on Friday night to stop the clock in 28.94.

In doing so, he handed young Michael his 100th winner as a trainer. Given the time of year and significance of his winner, we ho Michael celebrated his wonderful achievement. A self-proclaimed “wonderful hurler” in his time, we’re glad he is focusing his energy on training long tails.

It’s notable in his short career how many future stars have passed through his hands through his association with the “Kilara” man, Philip O’Keeffe and Brian Kennedy. Incidentally, he currently trains a rising star in the staying ranks for O’Keeffe. Kilara Zoe has been so impressive in her very short career and seems destined to be one of the best six and eight bend performers in the coming couple of years.     

Once again, a big congrats to Michael on his wonderful achievement. One hundred winners is a great achievement and the fact that he did so with just over four hundred runners makes it even more notable.

There are many top trainers that would take a one in four strike rate. We look forward to marking Michael’s 500th winner in a few years.