Ian Fortune

A full breakdown of where the 34 Irish trained greyhound finished in the second round. 

Friday (14 runners)

Heat 1

1st Swords Rex

Heat 2

2n Mcneill

Heat 4

1st Gaytime Nemo

5th Faypoint Susie

6th Ballymac Senan

Heat 5

3rd Road Exile

5th Rapido Bob

Heat 6

1st De Lahdedah

Heat 7

1st Superfast Gorden

2nd Clonbrien Treaty

3rd Jaytee Etienne

Heat 8

1st The Other Kobe

2nd Hawkfield Blue

3rd Glengar Martha


Saturday (20 runners)

Heat 9

1st Azurite

5th Mr Chelm

Heat 10

1st Ballinabola Ed

2nd Singalong Dolly

4th Merits Inclusion

6th High Trend

Heat 11

1st Antigua Hawk

2nd Ballymac Gizmo

4th Faypoint Harvey

5th Jaytee Craze

Heat 12

2nd Ballymac Slick

3rd Faypoint Sean

5th Romeo Steel

Heat 13

2nd Boylesports Bob

4th Ballymac Dapper

Heat 14

1st Ballymac Finn

2nd Hawkfield Abbie

3rd Jim By Two (Dead-heat. Lost out in a draw. Reserves in next round)

Heat 15

2nd Grouchos Duke

6th Newinn Port