During 2021, RCÉ introduced additional race meetings to the racing schedule to cater for significant dog pools evident at several tracks. The additional meetings were funded by a general reduction of 10% in race grants. As the year has progressed, the additional race events are not required at a number of tracks as dog pools have stabilised.

The Board of RCÉ has undertaken a review of the prizemoney spend to date in 2021 based on the likely racing schedule to year end. Following this review, the Board is pleased to announce:

  • Restoration of prizemoney reduction of 10% with effect from 6th September 2021
  • A further increase of approx. 10% for 1st and 2nd placed greyhounds for early morning and Sunday SIS meetings.

The above arrangements will apply to race programs compiled from 13th September 2021 to 31st December 2021.

Frank Nyhan, Chairman, RCÉ stated ‘The Board has been balancing the demand for additional racing and the loss of commercial activity with the need to maintain prizemoney levels. The Board is pleased to be in a position to restore, for the remainder of 2021, the 10% prizemoney reduction that had to be made in June 2020. In addition, we are also reflecting in prize money arrangements for SIS, the particular circumstances that arise for early morning and Sunday meetings.  We continue to progress cost reduction and restructuring across all areas of the business. Work has commenced on the preparation of Budget 2022 and engagement with the Department of Agriculture Food & the Marine in relation to overall budgetary parameters. Decisions on prizemoney and other areas of activity will be made based on resources available. With the gradual reduction in restrictions associated with Covid 19, a key focus in the coming months will be rebuilding the commercial elements of our business and restoring footfall to our restaurant and tote operations’.

Prizemoney will be reviewed for 2022 in light of budget circumstances and, in particular, the 2022 allocation from the Horse & Greyhound Fund.

Click on each link below to view updated Prizemoney Structures:

Prizemoney (Regular) -Sept 2021

SIS Prizemoney (Regular) - Sept 2021

SIS Prizemoney (Early Morning & Sunday) - Sept 2021