In November 2020, Rásaíocht Con Éireann (RCÉ) commenced a consultation process on suggested amendments to Article 7(4) and Article 15 of the Greyhound Industry (Racing) Regulations 2007 – 2017. The regulatory provisions in question relate to the changing of a seeding category for a greyhound when competing in an event and to the Guarding of Greyhounds in an event.

RCÉ is pleased to announce that regulatory effect has now been given to the following and will come into effect for all new Sweepstake draws as and from Monday 1st February 2021:


Article 7(4) now reads as follows:

“Notwithstanding whether or not such request is made, the Racing Manager, in consultation with the Control Steward, shall consider all entries for such a race or feature event and may on the information available to them classify a greyhound as a Wide or Middle Runner under this regulation for such race or for the first round of such feature event. The Racing Manager shall not alter or add to such classifications for any further round of such feature event except that in a feature event of three or more rounds, he/she may revise them for the second round, in which case the revised classifications shall stand for the remaining round(s). Classifications shall thus not be altered for the final of any feature event.”

In effect this means that all greyhounds (including Novice Greyhounds) may have their seeding category changed (if appropriately deemed so by the Racing Manager and Control Steward) after the first round of an event. The seeding change:

•     -       Can only take place after the first round

•    -        Cannot be altered thereafter

•    -        Cannot be made where the next round is the final of an event (i.e. 12 dog Sweepstakes)


Article 15 now reads as follows:

“Where two or more greyhounds registered in the same ownership or in the same partnership are entered for an event with eliminating heats the greyhounds shall not be guarded by the race track executive at any stage of the event and this provision shall additionally apply where one or more greyhounds listed as reserves replace withdrawn greyhounds.”

In effect this means that the existing provision for guarding greyhounds in the eliminating heats of an event up to the final is removed.

The procedure for Trap Draws will accordingly be amended which already provides for the equal distribution of seeding categories.

N.B.: Sweepstakes which commenced prior to February 1st 2021 will be completed with the regulations in effect for the First Round of the Sweepstake. 

Rásaíocht Con Éireann
January 2021