Ian Fortune

Ireland’s hand remains a very strong one after 31 opening round heats of the Star Sports & TRC English Derby. The field has now been reduced to 96 with over a third of that number representing these shores. In fact, 34 Irish trained runners remain, meaning just 14 failed to qualify.  

For the record, none of the Irish runners have been subject to a seeding change ahead of the second round. Below we’ve highlighted some of the stats from the opening round focusing, as you would expect, on the Irish runners.


Number of Irish trained winners in opening round:

16 from a possible 25 (Ireland had runners in 17 of the 32 heats)


Number of Irish trained qualifiers:

34 (from a possible 48)


Breakdown of Irish qualifiers:


Graham Holland (10 from 12)

Clonbrien Treaty

Faypoint Harvey

Faypoint Sean

Faypoint Susie

Gaytime Nemo

High Trend

Newinn Port

Romeo Steel

Swords Rex

The Other Kobe


Liam Dowling (6 from 6)

Ballymac Dapper

Ballymac Finn

Ballymac Gizmo

Ballymac Senan

Ballymac Slick

De Lahdedah


Pat Buckley (6 from 13)

Antigua Hawk

Ballinabola Ed

Glengar Martha

Road Exile

Singalong Dolly

Superfast Gorden


Brendan Matthews (1 from 2)

Merits Inclusion


Paul Hennessy (4 from 5)

Boylesports Bob

Jaytee Craze

Jaytee Etienne



John McGee (2 from 3)

Hawkfield Blue

Hawkfield Abbie


Peter Cronin (3 from 4)


Mr Chelm

Rapido Bob


Brendan Maunsell (1 from 2)

Jim By Two


John Byrne (1 from 1)

Grouchos Duke




A full breakdown of where the 48 Irish trained greyhound finished in the opening round. 


Thursday (14 runners)


Heat 1

1st Jaytee Etienne

3rd Azurite

4th Antigua Forky


Heat 2

2nd Mcneill

3rd  Grouchos Duke


Heat 3

5th Ballinabola Jim

6th Barefoot Awesome


Heat 6

1st The Other Kobe

3rd Faypoint Harvey

4th Riverside Pingu


Heat 8

1st De Lahdedah

5th Ower Cracker


Heat 10

1st Boylesports Bob

2nd Singalong Dolly


Friday (19 runners)


Heat 11

1st Clonbrien Treaty

3rd Faypoint Sean

4th Jim By Two

5th Hopes Hurricane


Heat 12

2nd Ballymac Finn


Heat 13

1st Hawkfield Blue

5th Bockos Crystal

6th Ballinabola Bill


Heat 14

3rd Rapido Bob


Heat 15

1st Romeo Steel

2nd Ballymac Dapper


Heat 16

1st Swords Rex

4th Coolavanny Otto


Heat 17

3rd Mr Chelm


Heat 18

1st Antigua Hawk

3rd Hawkfield Abbie


Heat 19

1st Faypoint Susie

2nd Newinn Port


Heat 20

1st Gaytime Nemo


Saturday (15 runners)


Heat 21

1st Road Exile


Heat 23

5th Trinity Junior

6th Rushy Meadows


Heat 24

1st Glengar Martha

5th Da Bold Falcon


Heat 25

1st High Trend

2nd Ballinabola Ed


Heat 26

2nd Ballymac Gizmo

4th In Good Time


Heat 27

1st Ballymac Slick


Heat 28

2nd Jaytee Craze


Heat 30

1st Ballymac Senan

3rd Merits Inclusion

6th Bens Teddy


Heat 31

2nd Superfast Gorden