Greyhound Racing Ireland (GRI) has announced that, following extensive engagement with representatives of Enniscorthy and Youghal Greyhound Tracks, individual agreements have been concluded with both tracks to continue in operation to end of 2022 subject to a review in quarter 4 of 2021.

The agreements provide for a number of measures to improve the financial sustainability of both tracks and for local initiatives to complement resources being applied to both tracks by the GRI.

Frank Nyhan, Chairman GRI indicated 

The May 2020  Indecon report provided an opportunity to Enniscorthy and Youghal to address challenges and issues identified by Indecon and for key performance measures to be set. It also envisaged a fixed period of time to be set for an improvement in the financial sustainability of both tracks. While we are all keenly aware of the very significant challenges facing the greyhound industry, I must compliment the representatives of both tracks for the positive manner in which they engaged in the discussions and the clear commitment that is there to improve the sustainability of these tracks.GRI, for its part, will continue to promote the greyhound industry and make every effort to support operations across the entire sector in what is currently a very difficult operating environment for all.’

Christy Murphy, Chairman of Enniscorthy Greyhound Racing Company Ltd stated:

‘The Board of Enniscorthy Greyhound Racing Company Ltd are delighted to be able to continue the long and proud tradition of greyhound racing in Enniscorthy. We would like to thank GRI for their positive approach to negotiations about the future of racing in Enniscorthy over the last number of months. We look forward to continue working collaboratively with GRI over the coming years to implement our agreement and to make greyhound racing great again.’

Paidi Walsh, Chairman of Youghal Track Supporters Club indicated:

‘Youghal Greyhound Stadium welcomes the decision by GRI to continue our operations at Youghal until the end of 2022. We thank GRI for their engagement with us to date in a consultative process. GRI has recognised the dedication of all at Youghal and they have acknowledged the commitment we have to work with them in improving the sustainability of the track. We look forward to the opportunity to continue working with GRI to ensure that greyhound racing remains at Youghal long into the future.’