Ian Fortune

Boylesports Derby runner-up Boylesports King will not be in action anytime soon after Dolores Ruth revealed she is targeting the English Derby with her exceptional tracker and won’t be taking in either the Night of Stars or Easter Cup.

Instead, Ruth is choosing to focus her attentions on getting the powerful young tracker ready for the Nottingham test, although she does have concerns about the traps at the Colwick Road venue.

Said Doloires: “Nottingham is definitely in our plans but only if they change the traps. John Boyle and I would both love to run him there but dogs in trap six have little chance. We had the same traps in Shelbourne a few years back and they were a disaster.

“They’re too biased towards the middle runners. Basically, trap six is just a hinderance. Thankfully they changed them in Shelbourne and I hope Nottingham do the same.”

If he does journey to Nottingham, Ruth is clearly confident Boylesports King will be suited by the place: “From very early I knew he was a bit special. From six months, you could see the way he went up the field he had great potential. Having reared a couple of Derby winners I knew the potential was there.

“He looks tailor made for Nottingham. It’s a good gallop and a track where dogs can come from behind. He was just a pure baby this year. He will mature and his breed are always better in their second season. [Razldazl] Billy and Makeshift were both like that. He’s actually sitting on the couch here beside me, happy out.”