Ian Fortune

With the Champion Open Unraced over for another year, attention will turn to the €20,000 Track Bookmakers & KGOBA Festival of Racing which takes place on Sunday, July 14th. AS has been the case in recent years, the meeting is being run in conjunction with the Kilkenny & Carlow Coursing Clubs fundraiser.

All races and sweepstakes are sponsored by the Track Bookmakers & KGOBA and the first of these sweepstakes gets underway on Friday, June 21st. It’s an A3/A4 525 Sweepstake with back graders allowed and boasting a winner’s purse of €2,000.

Two stakes will commence on Friday, June 28th, an ON2 and an A2 competition, while Friday, July 5th will see the start of an A1 stake and A4 Bitch stake. One-off races on the big night on July 14th will include an AAO 525 worth €1,000 to the winner, an €800 AO 525 and an Open 725 worth €750 to the winner.

A full list of all the sweepstakes and one-off races can be found in the Future Sweepstakes section of this site. The link - https://www.grireland.ie/racing/future-sweepstakes/Kilkenny/ - will bring you straight to the full list.

All entrants must be members of the KGOBA who are joint sponsors of this event. Membership of €20 can be paid on the night.