Ian Fortune

The four quarter finals of the Star Sports/ TRC English Derby will feature Irish trained runners which will come as no surprise given the fact that thirteen of the final twenty-four are trained on these shores.

Nothing will come easy at this point but it’s clear the prospect of a third Irish trained winner in a row is a real one. The full draw can be found below.

1st quarter

1 Superfast Gorden

2 Gaytime Nemo

3 Crafty Shivoo

4 Droopys Pivotel

5 Grouchos Duke

6 Churchfield Syd(w)


2nd quarter

1 King Memphis

2 Ballymac Gizmo

3 Whyaye Man

4 Ballymac Finn

5 Hawkfield Abbie

6 Ballinabola Ed (w)


3rd quarter

1 Edwards

2 Hawkfield Blue

3 The Other Kobe

4 Swords Rex

5 Ballymac Slick (m)

6 Droopys Doughnut (w)


4th quarter

1 Cooliogold

2 Bockos Thunder

3 Coss Tokyo

4 De Lahdedah

5 Beatties Sparkle (m)

6 Boylesports Bob (w)