Rásaíocht Con Éireann (Greyhound Racing Ireland), today published details of injury data for 2020.

Overall, 255 injuries occurred during the year with 88 greyhounds being put to sleep. The percentage of greyhounds injured is 0.37% of the 69,029 greyhounds raced with 0.13% of these greyhounds being euthanised.

The disruption caused by the Covid pandemic resulted in a reduced level of activity on previous years.  Injury data in relative terms, is on a par with 2019, which reflected the ongoing improvement in this area.

Denis Healy, Veterinary Director, stated “Rásaíocht Con Éireann has in recent years put a key focus on the highest standards of welfare for racing greyhounds at our tracks.  Unfortunately, injuries are inevitable in any sport that involves such speed and athleticism.   Improvements in track maintenance and operating procedures have assisted us in being able to achieve a reduction in injuries over recent years. This is an ongoing process as we continue to ensure that high standards are maintained.

A qualified registered veterinary practitioner is present at each race event to make the appropriate decisions regarding the care and welfare of the greyhound. In addition, the Greyhound Injury Support Scheme continues to provide financial assistance to owners of greyhounds so that the necessary medical care can be provided. The scheme is intended to further reduce the number of greyhounds put to sleep as a result of serious injury. It is mandatory that all greyhounds treated under this Scheme are retired from racing and are kept as pets by the owner or become part of Rásaíocht Con Éireann’s rehoming scheme.”

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