Laboratory Analyst

Job Title:                                            Laboratory Analyst

Objective:                                          To carry out laboratory analytical work, both screening and confirmatory, including preparation and extraction of samples for analysis. All work to be performed in accordance with the National Greyhound Laboratory’s ISO 17025 accreditation.

Reports to:                                         Veterinary Director or Nominee of the CEO

Work Location:                                 National Greyhound Laboratory, Limerick


Key responsibilities of the role are as follows:

Detection of Prohibited Substances

Sample related work:

a)       All preparation and extraction work necessary for analysis.

b)      Sample custodian – maintaining the chain of custody of samples from logging into the system to final analysis.


Detection of Prohibited Substances

Instrument related work:

a)       Analysis of samples using –

  1. HPLC
  2. GCMS
  3. LCMS
  4. Rapid Trace
  5. Any further equipment acquired in the future.

b)      Care and routine maintenance of all laboratory instrumentation.

c)       Coordination with service personnel in the event of breakdown.


Other Functions

a)       Maintenance of the ISO 17025 quality system.

b)      Ordering all chemicals, consumables and gases necessary for analytical work.

c)       Calibration of instrumentation

d)      Method development and refinement

e)      Liaise with the Secretary of the Control Committee and Head of Regulation & Control and other third parties such as Laboratory Consultants, NGRC, ICC and any other consultants.

f)        Engage in validation of new methods.

g)       Document control.

h)      Preparation of legal casework.

i)        Maintaining neatness and safety to acceptable standards.

j)        Any other duties as directed by the department head.


Hours of Work

The role is a full-time role, 37.5 hours per week, 5 days per week normally Monday to Friday but may vary depending on the needs of the business. Flexibility will be required to meet the requirements of the role.


Preferred Education, Behaviours and Competencies

-          Minimum level of qualification required: B.Sc. in Science (Applied Chemistry) or equivalent (such as a B.Sc. in Forensic & Pharmaceutical Science).

-          Whilst prior experience in, and expertise gained from, a similar position would be an advantage, it is not essential for appointment to the post.

-          Excellent inter-personal skills and teamwork skills

-          Administrative, computer and office systems experience

-          Excellent communication and report writing skills

-          Flexible and innovative attitude to the role